Hi! I’m Bartholomew Tiberius Beanstalk, but you can call me Belly Bean! Being raised in the backyard of a writer and best friends with his daughter Maddie and their dog Logan, I’m curious about everything! As we go on trips with Maddie’s dad to research his next story, that curiosity gets us into all sorts of adventurous situations.

So, grab my hand and come join me on my adventures! Adventures that won’t just be fun and exciting, but will teach you all sorts of amazing things about the world around you!

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Belly Bean News

These are very exciting times for Belly Bean and his friends, as we work to bring their adventures to life for your children. However, we can only do this with your support!

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The Adventures of Belly Bean is not simply another entertaining children’s show and book series. It is a playful romp that both entertains and teaches children about science. Your child will join Belly Bean and his friends on their extraordinary adventures to exotic places! From the International Space Station to the Great Pyramids of Giza, down the Amazon, and across the Serengeti.

On these adventures, they learn how gravity works, why studying history through archaeology is so important, how the rain forests are being impacted, and the cycle of life. All while meeting amazing new friends such as Geoffrey Gopher, Buzzy Bee, Jessica Giraffe, and many others.

Originally created by Scott C. Brown for his daughter Maddie, he now is sharing those adventures with children all over the world.


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